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  • This is how I roll...

    $100 Satty to a $560 Entry 100k

    Field of 2 tables left. 10 players advance no ICM.
    I have about 27k need a double through and can shut down to advance.

    Position BB
    Blinds 1k/2k/300
    ​​​CO is assumed to be a solid player but just sat from a broken table. He has me covered by 10k.

    Folds to CO who raises 5k.
    Folds to me in the BB. I look down at Js8s. I defend.

    CO c-bets 8k
    I call.
    Pot 26k

    So with one more bet, I hit 3 spr and taking the river. This flop could have hit villain but if he has a pair, this is a good card for me. I have a lot of options on the turn. OK with my play so far.

    Turn Ad
    CO checks
    I check

    So much for either one if us repping aces. A boat could slow play though. I get a free card and live to see the river. I take it to realize equity.

    River Ks

    ​​​​​​Money card! He bets 12k. I jam. He calls.
    ​​​​​​Showdown CO shows KK.

    ​​​​​​Is anyone folding preflop? Turn?
    is anyone betting the Turn?


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    Hi bob , i might play it differently from you, first if the cut off player is very aggressive player if yes , i might defend the BB with J8s ,on the flop we hit a good draw , i might do a check raise at flop , if cut off is an aggressive player he might also miss this flop most of the time, so might check raise might able to fold out alot of his hand without an Ace, when turn drop the ace , its harder for us hero or villain cutoff to have the ace (not impossible ) when villain check back turn he is telling us he dont have ace , when river hero choose to check and what hand can villain still bet when he saw the king at river. put yourself in his shoes if you have QQ, JJ will you bet the river most likely no.

    hero lines does not make much sense , hero rep having K the most, what value hand you have will play in this way with this kind of board. if i am villain with any K decent kicker will snap call your jam


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      I thought about a check raise otf but backed off deciding instead to donk or CR on the turn. When the turn paired an A, the donk may have worked against a range but not so much an AX or villain holdings. A check raise is clearly polarized betting, so in the absence of a real read, meh. The problem in all cases is building a 3 SPR pot committing me to the hand which was what I was also trying to avoid.