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  • Hi! - Introduce Yourself

    Noticed there was no "introduce yourself" type thread, so I thought I would start one!

    I am a mid 40s rec player, in Manchester- in the north of England.

    I play 1 small tournament a week, but with decent success. It is predominantly a social thing for me, but I love the challenge and competition of it. I do play the occasional larger tournament- up to £250 buy ins, but time is a factor with a busy work and family life. I have very little desire to move up in stakes, but do want to be the best player I can be. From an EV perspective my pokercoaching membership is probably borderline, but I like the intellectual exercises of trying to improve.

    Currently struggling with reading hand ranges (very difficult at the stakes I play where people can and do play with anything) and adapting some of the excellent JL strategies to these lower levels where players don't seem to think the same way!

    Who's next?

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    Welcome, Andy! Great idea to have an intro.

    I come from a math/sci/psych background, with some baseball sprinkled in. I fell in love with gambling at an early age, as I could make more money taking the allowances of my friends playing backgammon, gin, cribbage, and pool, than my parents would ever consider giving me. I loved the games and still do. I started playing for real money in the late 90s as a way to keep all of my teammates beer fridges stocked. Primarily started as a 7 card player, but could play everything better than the sloppy drunks I sat with. And the love of the games built and built.

    I met my wife in 2006, and we've been inseparable since 2007. She has helped/forced me to follow my passion. So today I play full-time live, and it is a part of a bigger business I run that is Decision Engineering Training (not the business name). I use my very unique set of skills to train professionals from all walks of life. I train large sales groups. I train doctors on improving their relationships with their patients, thereby improving profit. I work with investors to help them refine their pitches and product lines. But most importantly, I coach poker players. I coach live and online, and mostly have online students at this point, but feel my live coaching is the most helpful coaching I do.

    I give myself 60 hours a week to work, max. I have a 23 month old daughter, and a 6 year old son, so any more hours than that, and I feel I'm completely missing out. My playing usually takes up 30-40 hours each week. It is the most flexible, so it gets to be fluid.

    My time with my students online is scheduled, and takes 7-14 hours per week, depending on what they have going (currently helping 7 online players one on one via Skype, phone, text, and email). I coach from micros to as high as someone will play and keep me around. Most of my students are playing primarily nl200+. If it's a lead up to wcoop, hours get a little longer.

    Then the few times a month I talk to businesses, it takes the entire day, sometimes more.

    We are in the process of relocating, as the market is improving immensely in the SW. We left Las Vegas after my son was born so we could be closer to family. Now it's time to go back.

    I'm constantly learning in this game, and love this forum because people actually participate. There doesn't seem to be any ego, just open following ideas. I hope others will introduce themselves as well.


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      I´m mid 40´s female with 2 boys 7 & 9. My partner and I have been together 20years+ and he completely supports my poker ambitions.

      We used to live and work in the north of England but the climate and lifestyle didn´t suit us so 12years ago we moved to a very rural part of Portugal. We spent the best part of our 20´s travelling & working and our 30´s-40´s working and turning our ruin into a home, growing vegetables and having kids!

      I fell in love with poker 3 years or so ago and have recently been trying to improve my game to a point where I can earn a small part time wage from it. Family and renovations take up the rest of my time.

      I only play low stakes and realise the rest of you are higher stakes players, but regardless of this, I love this forum because of the quality of the responses & no egos.

      Who is up next?


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        I am a senior - going on 70. I've been playing poker for 15 years - mostly online for many years - but now mostly live. I was better than "average", but not good enough to beat the rake. I concentrate almost 100% on MTT tournaments, I play local tournaments about once a week, and travel to Vegas for WSOP events.

        I had lessons from a local pro about 15 years ago (it is amusing to recall the things he taught me then which have completely changed). Then a couple years ago I started lessons with Jonathan Little, Lucky Luke and Jason Alexander. As a result, I am showing much more promise and will almost certainly be able to share some of my winnings with the IRS this year.

        I was a very bright mathematician as a youth, but a lot of my former mathematical quickness has worn off.

        I currently run a Computer Software Company selling software online which makes nice architectural images from computer models.

        (This is an image created by one of our customers. The reflected light from the water onto the wall is really neat)

        Currently I am working hard to improve the FloatTheTurn website. It was not being updated as often as Jonathan Little's own web site, his and InnerCircle efforts. I am hoping that this forum, and some tools - like the Push/Fold App, and the new FloatTheTurn Blog will bring more traffic to the FTT site. (Let me know here or by PM what else we can do to improve to Forum or the rest of the site)


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          It's very interesting to hear where people are from and what they are doing. Thanks for starting this Andy.

          I am a male in my late 50s, married for 36 years to a woman I met as a sophomore in high school chemistry class. We have four children who are adults in professional careers, two daughter's-in law, and one grandchild so far. I met Al Hart in a tournament in Blackhawk, Colorado where he mentioned he was writing a book with Jonathan Little (very impressive Al!) and he introduced me to the forum. If any of you haven't read their book Bluffs yet, you should. It is an excellent book and Al can always use the dough to subsidize his tournament entries

          Before poker, I was a lawyer for 25 years, doing airline reorganizations, working on US and international acquisitions for private equity firms, and occasionally doing jury trials for corporations. After being a lawyer, I worked as a private equity fund manager for a few years and was the chairman of a North American apparel firm. Now I just mostly play around. In the past year, my wife and I have ridden our bicycles coast-to-coast across India, and also taken bicycle trips in Burma, in South Dakota, and across Missouri. When not playing poker tournaments or on bicycle trips, I also take long and short positions in VIX futures contracts, trade stock options, work on some charitable stuff, and work on a book that will probably never be finished.

          I try to learn something completely new every five years or so, and become reasonably competent at it, so about three years ago I started working on poker. I leave it to others to assess my progress toward reasonable competency.

          I have tried to learn the standard modern approach to the game, while at the same time am trying to bring some unconventional concepts from the approach I used in the practice of law and from private equity fund management to the live poker tournaments I play in. In live tournaments, I am intrigued by the tensions between playing a math-based game and playing a free-wheeling style that throws Poker Stove out the window and is just based on exploiting the idiosyncrasies of the particular players you are playing. I hope to improve at both.


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            I'll echo the sentiments - this thread is a great idea.

            I'm a male in my mid-40's who moved from the east coast (U.S.) to the upper midwest 17 years ago for the love of a woman. Still with that woman, by the way, with two middle-school kids, a house in the suburbs, the whole bit.

            I am a mostly recreational poker player who has played poker for approximately 15 years (just before the Moneymaker boom) but has only started to study it seriously in the last year or so. I was modestly successful online before that stopped being an option, and until a casino was built reasonably close to my home live poker was something I could only do on occasional trips to Vegas. I now generally play live MTT's 1-2 times per month, and 3-4 times per year will try to play in slightly larger tournaments, like a WSOP circuit or an MSPT regional-level event.

            The math of poker is fascinating to me, which is the reason I think I was more successful online than I am as a live player, although in 2016 the level of sophistication with regards to poker math is exponentially greater than it was a decade ago when I was playing online. My biggest weakness live continue to be overestimating my opponent's ability (assuming they're bluffing or bluffable more than they are), hero calling the wrong amount, and making the one big mistake due to a lack of focus.

            Outside of poker, I am a software engineer fortunate enough to be focused in a high-growth area (IT service management systems). I find software development to be not only challenging but creative. When I'm not playing poker and working my life is really built around my family - my wife has a very successful career of her own and two active, involved middle-school kids makes for a busy life.
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              Hi Everyone,

              This thread is an awesome idea. I just turned 50 and am really enjoying getting back into poker again. I played a lot as a kid and in college and then picked it up again online due to the MoneyMaker effect. I was actually an ok micro-stakes player but stopped playing online due to Black Friday.

              My wife (of 17 years) and I live just outside seattle in a town that backs up to several mountains and 40 miles of hiking trails – its beautiful up here! Moving here from Texas a couple of years ago I now have access to local casinos. Funny how there are none in Texas (save the texmex border), the birthplace of Texas Holdem. At any rate, the local tourney / casino scene is fairly vibrant around here and I tend to play the $45 rebuy a few times a month as well as a $150 and $250 Sunday tournament.

              This summer was my first WSOP experience and I successfully cashed only ONE TIME (my very last tourney the daily deepstack in the rio) for a paltry sum compared to the cost of that trip! I do plan to go back every year and at some point in the next few years I plan to try the Main Event as it’s a bucket list thing for me (for all of us right?). The WSOP this year was approx. 3 months into my renewed study which began when I joined pokercoaching (april 2016 I believe). Since returning from vegas and studying a fair amount (~60 hours a month) I’m seeing better results and cashing 28% with a couple wins over about 30 tourneys. This makes me slightly profitable. I’m hoping pokercoaching and inner circle make that highly profitable over the next year.

              I work in high tech as a cloud product management / product marketing guy so pay is good, but of course the hours are long.

              My main leaks include: being too outcome oriented, not 3 and 4-betting enough and certainly not 3-bet bluffing enough and not really holding to a bankroll, though I do track results.

              Finally, being new (2 years) to the area, I have no study group / poker friends at all – this is not good. I’d love to find a few folks here who would be willing to commit to an hour or two a month on a type thing where we could cover topics/hands, etc. on our own – perhaps even continuing discussions/topics. Please PM me if interested!

              Lastly, I love Yoga, Poker and Dubstep - and sometimes combine all 3 :-)


              • Andy Watson
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                This forum works very much like a study group. Just stick a hand or concept up!

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              Hey JimB, based on the description of your play, you might consider reading Bluffs, by Jonathan Little and Al Hart. It has a lot of great examples of how to raise the level of your aggression.


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              Great idea! Thanks for starting it.
              I am a mid 60's male, playing casino poker since 1996. I cashed in some small tournaments at Casino Sandia in Albuquerque that year.
              I made final table at the WPT Season 1 at Foxwoods in 2002. More recently I moneyed in the first Super Senior's event at WSOP two years ago.
              That same year I just missed winning an entry into the main event at the WSOP New Jersey online site. There was only 1 seat awarded and I went to headsup with a 3-1 chip lead and couldn't bring it home. But I used the $1800 consolation prize for my entry into the super-senior.
              I realized a few years ago that my main weakness is not knowing how to increase aggressiveness at the right times. For that reason I have a number of "min-cashes" in $200-$600 tournaments but can't seem to make the next step to finishing in the top 3.
              These training sites and webinars have been incredibly useful already. I feel like I am on the verge of finally breaking through!


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                Hey Everyone,

                I'm a 31 Year old Vet who has been (rec) playing poker on and off since the money maker effect in 2003. Mostly a California Limit Cash player to pay some bills/student loans and get extra beer money. Started taking poker seriously in 2015 when I was going to Vegas for my 30th Bday. Played mostly cash and paid off my whole trip including air fair and hotel. Played a few daily tournaments and got my ass handed to me. That's when I discovered Johnathan Little and his Tourney Books. I love Tournaments but I Have yet to have a major win. Cashed a few WSOP daily tournaments in Rio this summer and Chopped a Final table at Binions for 1.5k but that's about it. Nothing but horrific bad bead stories to tell for my 2016 WSOP trip haha.

                I live outside of Austin (TX) which sucks in a way because Texas is a Poker Dead Zone. I play mostly Local Home Games and Tournaments at low stakes $20-80 Buy ins is the norm around here. When work is permitting, I can travel to Winstar or Lake Charles Casino's and Grind for a weekend. Cash Games are Juicy and I Crush souls at the small stakes (1-2/3 NL and 4-8/5-10 Limit). One nice achievement I had this year was to build a bankroll to $3k! I was very excited about that and this was after Breaking Even at the WSOP.

                Unfortunately, life got in the way and I had to get an expensive repair surgery on my face that was near $5k (with insurance). It was nice having my bankroll plus my savings to pay off my surgery in one lump sum. Thankfully, I have a full time job as a vocational case manager were I can set aside a little money each pay check and rebuild my poker bankroll.

                I signed up for Poker Coaching a while back and enjoy the quizzes and homework. Although I don't play as much as I would like too (no casinos) I study hard so when I do play, I'm giving my self a chance to get in the top 3%.

                Beside poker, Kick Boxing, Guns/Outdoors, and helping less fortunate people are my passions. I look forward to going over hands and talking with everyone in the forums!
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                  Hi People

                  I am in my thirties. I have been playing poker for about nine years.
                  I have played live, in different leagues like APL, NPL and 888, in those clubs/pub areas. Also some cash games at some casinos, but I tend to get nervous. I have been to Melbourne Casino playing poker a few times. I have also been involved playing online poker.
                  These days I have just been focusing on playing online, but I am in the process of moving and looking forward to get back involved playing live.

                  I spend a lot more time playing poker these days. I play everyday. I take my poker serious, I am not a casual player, I feel like I am a grinder spending 6 to 11 hours playing poker a session.
                  I am developing my skills/knowledge through having a lot of different poker content, and involved in different training material/sites.
                  Currently where I am, in the process of moving. I am not able to be in a proper routine with my poker. When I do move, I am planning to play five to six days of poker, have a day or two off away from the tables. Focus on my bank roll management, areas that I feel i need improving (leaks), get more involved in analyzing my play, and of opponents, follow through with my goals in poker.
                  I am a player (online), that focuses on Micro/Low stakes depending on my bank roll. I am big on playing MTT and SG. I am not one for cash games, I just do not get the eagerness and buzz that I get from MTT and SG.
                  I have not won any large amounts while playing online. But with my passion for poker I keep on grinding.
                  At times I think to myself, how does these poker players on pocket fives where I come from win such large amount of winnings and they are doing it consistently. Perhaps they have what it takes, and others may battle their way on.

                  Getting involved in a poker forum, is an area that can promote ones poker in a positive way. I am not one for forums, so hopefully I can be pro active.

                  I thought to help my learning/progress in poker to move up in stakes and promote my poker play to win more. I will look into getting a poker coach, that will depend on my finances.
                  I have thought about staking/backing but with info that I have heard of late is not a good idea. It is like having a loan.

                  That will do on my poker Info

                  Thank you for taking the time to read.
                  Good luck on the felt


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                    Hi everyone. I just joined the forum today. I'm a 66 year old single man who has been playing professionally since 2012. My lifetime earnings since 2012 is over 600k. I also play live cash games when not playing mtt's.
                    I​​​​'ve been taking lessons, doing webinars, and getting coaching from Jonathan for almost 2 years. I'm currently in his poker coaching webinar. I have not participated in any of the live webinars, due to traveling and playing mtts around the country. But I do go back and watch all the recordings.
                    I'm looking forward to learning more in this forum, and discussing poker with all of you.


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                      Hi folks,

                      I am a mid-50s guy living in Seattle. I started getting interested in poker around the time I moved here ten years ago. I had a job where I was on the road a lot, and wherever I went there was always a poker room close-by. So by this point I've been to just about all of them it seems -- from Foxwoods and Borgata to Commerce and Hustler; from Ameristar and Horseshoe to Canterbury, Hard Rock, and bestBet. About two years ago I retired from my job selling software and now play poker pretty much full time, although I wouldn't consider myself good enough to be called a pro. I'm obsessively interested in improving my game and learning the latest techniques in play.

                      I grew up in Nebraska and lived in Kansas City and Detroit before moving to Seattle. Married but no kids. My husband and I still do a lot of travelling -- last year we went to South Africa; the year before that Germany; and before that Peru. And yes, I found poker games to play during each of those trips!

                      Closer to home, I find myself doing a lot of travel, mostly along the West Coast, exclusively for poker. I spent six weeks in Vegas during the World Series. And I've taken extended trips to places like Reno and Los Angeles. I find this forum to be extremely helpful!


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                        I'm a 40 year old Brit (from London originally) that moved to the U.S. 10 years ago and lives in GA. It's strange as I never really played poker seriously in England (where it's legal) and only began to take it seriously about 8 years ago over here (where it's not legal in every State).

                        I play fairly deep stacked live 1-3 and 2-5 NLHE cash games only. To each their own but tournaments just aren't for me as I would never play enough of them to ride out the variance. I probably play twice a week and travel fairly regularly to play live games if there is a circuit event and my schedule permits. Big credit to JL as I've found him to be among the best poker writers around. Great advice and I feel like I've learned some sound tips from him along the way.


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                          Welcome everyone!


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                            Hey, folks. I'm in my late 30's and have been playing poker for about 10 years, but I've just recently started to get serious about my study and play.

                            I caught the poker bug like a lot of other folks when Moneymaker's win was on ESPN. For a while I just watched and was fascinated by the probabilities of poker, but there were no local casinos, I didn't trust online, and I don't know many people so I didn't get to play.Then my coworkers held a small tourney in one of their homes with about 20 people and I crushed it. Found a bar poker league where you could win a meal by beating a tourney. That was... hard to crush but lead to home games and being invited to some charity type tourneys (and winning. quite a few) and finally they opened casinos with table games in my area.

                            I'm a recreational player playing $1-2 mostly on weekends. I'm an ok player now, but I really think I have the potential to get much better by finally focusing on my whole game instead of just my cards.


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                              Hello everyone,

                              I excited to join the site and looking forward to expanding my knowledge and skill of play. I have been playing poker for about 5 years. I stopped playing for about a year because of a move. I am currently living in Florida. I was mostly a break-even player until the last 5 months when I started to really study. I’ve read about 30 books and all of Jonathans. His are by far the best in my opinion and have read several of them multiple times and continue to use them as a reference when doing my hand review and studies.

                              I have even implemented some of the lifestyle and peak performance behaviors. I have lost 20lbs and have gotten back into running. I tilt less and can now recognize when I am tilting and how to get myself out of it. I am enjoying the game within the game by seeing how close I can get putting players on ranges and tendencies when I am in and out of a hand. I am much more deliberate. It is helping me navigate the game better.

                              I play only about 10 to 15 hours per week because of my work schedule. However I study at least 2 to 3 hours a day. I use multiple resources. I use Poker CoPilot, to record all my hands online, I play at least 200 hands on Poker Snowie daily and run hand review simulations on a daily basis. I also use Poker Equilab to look at hand equity. I also use ICMIZER for SNG push fold situations. I also watch hand reviews and training videos.

                              Since putting in the time I have experienced a dramatic increase in my bankroll, and additional if variance rears it’s ugly head I have been in positive EV situations and just lost. I am hopeful I will continue to experience good things with maximum effort.


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                                I'm new to the site today. I'm 51 and have been playing Cribbage for half my life. I'm a math teacher.

                                I started playing poker about 10 years ago. I started out as losing player, after about a year I started to get better becoming a player that won occasionally. I have slowly built up a bankroll, but I don't seem to be able to break through to the higher stakes.
                                I also played online before Black Friday, but was a losing micro-stakes player.

                                I play two home game tournaments, one with about 18 players a month and the other that gets 35-55 players a month.
                                I also play the occasional casino cash game, $1/$3 and sometimes $2/$5.

                                I have also played tournaments in Vegas, several of the side games at Caesar's and Harrah's during WSOP and one $1,000 buy-in WSOP event.
                                I thought I did well for my first large field event, started with about 2,650 players and I busted 402nd. I was definitely out of my depth, but I had a great time and learned quite a bit doing it.

                                Lately I have been getting more serious about studying poker by watching hand breakdown videos and listening to podcasts. I been looking at several different training sites and Jonathan's seems like one of the best values.

                                I would like to step up in stakes and eventually play the WSOP again.

                                I have also been playing online again through a BitCoin site and doing much better this time. I think the studying has been doing what it is suppose to.


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                                  Hello All, Like many of you I am early 50's with wife and kids. I am fortunate that my job as a mortgage banker allows me lots of flexibility and since I have a wife who loves to shop, I can pretty much play MTT whenever I want without her giving me grief. Since once in a while I come home from poker with more many then I left with and she has yet to return from a shopping trip with more than she left with, I get a free pass. I have been fortunate enough to play the Main Event the last 3 years, selling off 1/2 of my action but haven't made it past day 2. I have only been traveling to play MTT for about the last 3 -4 years and probably play about 10 tournaments a year with buy ins of $1k+.

                                  I started with Poker Coaching with Jonathan a few months ago and am trying to incorporate some of the strategies and range adjustments I see in the quizzes and webinars. I find myself at the table saying WWJ(onathan)D. I can't say that I have been able to pull the trigger on the moves I think he would make, mostly in 3 betting certain hands in certain spots but I am working on it. I just made my 3rd FT in the last 2 1/2 yrs in "large fields" at the WSOP Circuit Main event in Florida. I am already finding the training to be very valuable and look forward to being as involved as possible with the training and the forum.


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                                    Hi all,

                                    Looks like I'm the youngest guy so far at 28 and I am currently working as an aircraft engineer while travelling the world with my partner, fitting in poker tournaments online and occasionally cash games at the casino. I've been playing for around 5 years online and occasionally with friends at around 18 years.

                                    I love the intellectual challenge of poker and have always been into gambling too. I'd like to be able to support myself playing poker and have had mixed results over the years decided to subscribe to to become a better, more consistent player. I've always been ambitious so who knows what could happen with plenty of hard work and a bit of luck


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                                      Hi Guys,

                                      I'm from Montreal, Canada and I'm a French Canadian of 44. I work in IT and Poker always something running in the family at Christmas times and about any other occasions. I became interested in online poker in 2012 after Duhamel won the WSOP. I start playing small MTT and been doing OK playing 1 or 2 tournaments a week. Then I got my daughter and I stopped playing for about a year but in the meantime I started to read books from Dan Harrington and TJ Cloutier. Been worthy reading as I finished 2nd in a Sunday 11$ buying event scoring a prize of 2.2K$.

                                      However, since then I haven't score any significant big wins, so I start to read various other books realizing I was playing way to tight. I started to adjust but I became too Loose not understanding the math of range analysis. I discovered(understood) the range analysis on Deuce Cracked with Carroter but I found his explanation sketchy. And then Daniel Negreanu, wrote on twitter that Jonathan Little was one of the best place to learn modern poker, bought the books and read them all, I found those books to be the best written I read. So then I registered to his Twitch channel and got in with the last offer on Inner-Circle Lite. I love the Quizz contents as well as the homework stuff.

                                      In only few weeks, I already see all my stats improving a lot, I even finish 7th on yesterday evening Big 3.30. So my plan is to go through all the materials complete all the homeworks and quizzes. we'll see where it lead me.


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                                        Turning 23 on the 29th of this month, I have alot to learn about the game. Currently residing in NYC I hope to see the legalization of online poker in NY this year. Least on my days off I get to travel a short trip into NJ to get some tourneys in. I'm currently a student pursing my bachelor's in psychology, so a game that involves human behavior and stats definitely peaks my interest (Hope to use it to my advantage). So far I've read Caro's Book of Tells, a multi-table tourney, and currently starting Harrington's books on Hold Em. Wish to get the most out of pokercoaching so I can utilize what I learn on the table.

                                        If you guys could recommend any other books I would highly appreciate it.

                                        Good luck to all . I'll post my updates on a few tourneys I plan to play in at the Mohegan Sun in CT next week


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                                          Early fifties lawyer here, but only been playing for about 6-7 years. Only really started studying about 5 years ago (Harrington vol. 1 & 2 great for learning ABC tournament poker, although dated as to today's much more aggressive game). A few good casino MTT cashes and a min WSOP Circuit senior's cash, but not very close to a casino so do not play as often as I would like to do. Besides JL's great content and books, I am a fan of Phil Gordon's Little Green Book.

                                          Recently finished JL's Bluffs book, which is helping me open up my game. Highly recommend.

                                          Play more tourneys than cash games, when I can.


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                                            Caro's Book of Tells is a great book based on the psych of the game. I'll have to take a look at Phil's Gordon's Little Green Book, I hear thats the bible of poker.

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                                          Hello everyone - first post here. I'm a mid forties Brit who has recently returned to the game after a 5 year lay off. Played low stakes for 5 years prior to that, made about £3K over that time. I got back into playing and have been studying JL's books (have most of them hardback or on my Kindle) as well as his online content. Find the weekly Podcast very interesting and helpful. Combined with the content Alex Fitzgerald is producing (his chapter in Excelling was incredible) my game is improving slowly, making me think about hand ranges in more depth and trying to avoid some of the more rookie mistakes. I do think the game has changed a lot whilst I was away, even at the lower stakes I'm used to.

                                          I only have a small online bankroll, so I am playing low buy in online MTTs and trying to put the stuff alluded to above to good use - with mixed success. I'm also able to play live tourney at my local Grosvenor casino in the UK where again I've had mixed success - although I understand its early days. I'm still playing too tight preflop which needs to be addressed. Balancing a job and family life means I cant play as much as I'd like, saying that my wife is very understanding ! I'd like to increase my bankroll, I realise this will take time, I'm not about to blow all I have on one shot - saying that the stakes I play in are full of loose passives who call, call, call and always seem to hit their cards - this is massively frustrating at times. JL tweeted me and said bet for value and fold when they show aggression, something I'm doing now with better results.

                                          Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting stuck into this forum, and maybe sign up for some paid training when funds allow.


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                                            Hi -- currently play online 30NL at PokerStarsNJ. Starting to do $10 MTTs. Currently a winner player at 30NL but a losing player at 50NL and for some reason 10NL.


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                                              Hello everyone. My name is Ray and Im 34 years old, have 3 daughters(5,6,10) and have been married for 12 years now. I currently live in Baltimore,Md. and play most of my poker @maryland live casino. Small stakes player mainly 1/2 and lower stakes tourney. decided to sign up for this so I could improve my game and become a more consistent player. twitter handle-@rayphil83


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                                                Just arrived here, last week started to see some videos and read some stuff from Jonathan and I'm learning a lot and remember things I had already forgotten.

                                                I played for around 4 years (2006 to 2010), and then stoped for professional reasons till now. Re-Starting now I believe poker is very diferent, and so many years of non-playing makes dificult to catch up.

                                                Poker was so much easier that time...



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                                                  Greetings...I have been studying items from Jonathan Little in both video and ebook form. I have been playing poker since 2007 and was a member of PokerVT until about a year after Black Friday, at which time I stopped. I have recently resumed playing and am trying to find my way again. I am hoping I have found the right training site for that quest.



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                                                    Hi. I have been playing almost exclusively cash games for 5 years now. I have read several books, Harrington, Ed Miller's The Course, Excelling at No LImit. Excelling at no limit brought me to JL's videos and online content, which led me to the inner circle light. I play small stakes 1-3 for enjoyment and find I am holding my own. My goal is to be able to comfortably play 1-3 or 2-5, and be able to maintain a win rate. I am retiring in October, and studying and playing poker will become a time filling hobby. I live in Northern Virginia and now play mostly at MGM National Harbor.


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                                                      Hello everyone. Been on here for about a month, first time writing anything. Just trying to study everything I can get my hands on. I am from the east coast, PA to be more exact. Been playing since the Moneymaker days. I am in my upper 40's and play once or twice a week at my local casino and also play in at least one $300 - $500 tourney when they come around at the Borgata in NJ. I own my own business so I am able to get away more often now than before and because I love the game so much, I figure some training needs to come into play. I have always read books and videos, this is the first time I am paying a monthly fee to learn. My passion is tournaments because I love the challenge. Since being on this site I have improved going much deeper many more times than in the past. However, I still seem to get to the "bubble" stage and lose. In fact, my wife calls me "Bubble Boy." Not a term of endearment you want in poker. However, all is good as I will keep learning and training and hopefully one day go very deep in a major tournament. Thanks to Jonathan Little for all his help.


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                                                        Hello, Playing small buy-in tourneys live and online since 2004. Biggest events is playing WSOPC seniors events when I can. Would like to make a FT sometime. Think I have been to much of a nit over most the years. Getting caught to often short stacked. So far expanding the range is working out but still lots to learn. Anyway, cya at the tables.


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                                                          Hi All. I'm Bob Gramzinski and I live in Clarksburg, Maryland. I used to play a lot of poker back during the poker boom and before Black Friday, but I stepped away from poker for many years. I've only recently picked up the interest again.

                                                          I only play and study No Limit Texas Holdem and I have a hard time become proficient at the one game, so I'm not interested in any other forms of poker.

                                                          I haven't started playing at casino's and the only online playing I do is for play money at PokerStars. I play locally in a few bar leagues and host a home game every month or so. So it's really hard to judge how well (or not) I'm doing. Like most things I've done in life, I am a perfectionist and over-achiever and I want to be more than just an average poker player before I take a seat at my first casino game.

                                                          I joined JL's Inner Circle because I like the structure that JL brings to teaching, in his books, webinars and other media. I currently find I'm a bit lost and feel like I'm drinking information from a fire hose, but that uncomfortable feeling is what I'm looking for in a study program and mentor. I think when I stop feeling uncomfortable with the thought process perhaps then I'll start playing at casino games and big tournaments.

                                                          I can say now that I think I'm inconsistently average. Sometimes I'll do all the right things and then on another hand I'll do some knuckle headed blunder that makes me wonder why I even think I can be good at this.



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                                                            Hi all. 38/M/Midwest USA.

                                                            - Been playing very casually once or twice every couple of months for ~20 years.

                                                            - Just recently moved close to a casino with a nice poker room.

                                                            - Play 1/2 NL. Money doesn't matter. Just interested in the puzzle that this game presents.

                                                            - Just watched the movie "Green Room" with Patrick Stewart. Really good.

                                                            - My "I will play this hand for fun and irresponsibly and lose money most times" hand is 98s.


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                                                              Hi All I am Beric Wickens and I live in SE London on the border of North Kent in the UK . I am 66 years old and married with 3 children and as I speak about to become a grandfather for the first time most likely tomorrow Sunday 8th October, cant wait.

                                                              My children are 32 30 and 28 and are all great and doing there own thing, I am in the music business and have been most of my life on and off but not when they were young as I was on the road 10 moths a year and it would not have worked. I started professionally as a drum roadie back in early 1970's tho I was managing bands before that. I am a tour manager and sound engineer, and have toured all over the world with many well know bands, and it was in the 70's on the road in the USA traveling in tour busses all over the USA where my fascination for poker was instigated.

                                                              We would play dealers choice for hours and hours and sometimes still playing 2 hours after the bus had pulled up outside our next hotel. We were only playing for nickels and dimes and most pots would only be a few dollars and we had no real idea how to play properly.

                                                              A good few years while the kids were growing up I did not play poker and was not in the music business for a good few years. I got re interested in poker when a friend started a monthly tournament around 4 years ago at his club. I sort of did ok from just luck really getting decent cards some of the time. But the bug got me again and joined another bunch of guys at a golf club regular weekly game to try and improve.

                                                              Realising that this game was much more skilled than the mess around games of the 70's and the level I have been playing at for the last couple years iI decided i wanted to become the best i could be and started studying the the game. I still play both those tournaments and visit the casino usually once a week and like others have said with my wife support.

                                                              I am not a gambler as per-s ein the sense that I have never gambled on horses or any other form of gambling except now poker and I don't play cash, although I would like to in the future when I am confident I know the difference between cash and tournament play and strategy. I play tournament buy ins of only max £50.00 at the casino and cash over 20% of the time and I use the 2 freinds tournaments to practice who I learn. I have kept all my records over 2 years and so far I am in profit over the whole period of just short of £500 not a lot but better than a loss. That is poker profit and does not take into account of the various other coaching investments, to improve my game which would put me in the loss bracket of around $500. I am not really sure what I should be doing next to get to another level Having bought some of Jonathan's books and video's this very reasonable subscription site of his seemed a good place to start. I need an ABC sort of structure of learning to move forward. i am not gifted at maths and need to improv my concentration on that subject from hand to hand. Sorry for the long into just got carried away lol Hope I can pick up some nuggets of knowledge from better players than myself. Nice to talk to you all. Beric


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                                                                How's it!

                                                                I am a 24 yr old that resides in Spokane, Washington. Currently a civil engineer for a local structural engineering firm. I've been playing Texas Hold'em since my grandpa introduced me to the game when I was around 10-11. Playing online in WA is a pain in the ace, so I have been sticking to a local 1-3 NL game. I really enjoy Jonathan's style of teaching and his ability to look at things from all perspectives.

                                                                Biggest leaks: Over-aggressiveness, not being able to make snug folds