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Ah8h. 25 BB's. Standard?

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  • Ah8h. 25 BB's. Standard?

    This is my first time posting a hand so if I do it wrong I apologize.

    Weekly local small buy in tournament.
    Position: LJ
    Stack 25 BB's
    Blinds: 200-400
    Villian:HJ(very splashy) in fact all players left to act are calling stations/splashy, especially preflop.
    H: Ah 8h

    It folds to me and I opened to 1000. HJ called. Flop came Jc 7s 5h, I Cbet for 1500 and he called. Turn brought a 4 of hearts giving me inside straight and flush draw. I bet 2500 and he went all in. With half my stack in I called off and lost when a blank hit the river. He turned a set of 4's.

    Could I have let Ah8h go preflop. It seems to be well within a standard raising range with the blinds i had left but with everyone remaining being calling stations and splashy, maybe I could have let it go? So was this standard or did I muck it up on every street?

    Again I apologize for not posting details well. I will get better at it.
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    Two pieces of info missing. 1) buy in 2) do villains have fully functional fold buttons.

    Conceptually, there is nothing wrong with the line. The turn call was light but in these fast tourneys, you have to hit cards. Small mistake on that point as well.

    the big issue I see is c-betting here. This flop favors villains range and to my expectation, these REGaments players are sticky and will chase. I'm parking myself at Calling Station and only taking 2 late streets, softly.


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      I was thinking the same about my C-bet as the flop favors his range.

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    Welcome the the forum. One thing I would recommend is not posting the results as it tends to sway answers IMO. Not a big deal though.

    As far as your hand goes, I might have some slight differences with my sizing. With no antes and a short'ish stack I am probably opening to around 900. One thing I have noticed at these smaller dailies is that raise size does not make that much of a difference to a large pool of the players. If they like their hand (certainly not the entire player pool, but a large majority), they are calling. Unless we go on the extreme and do something like 5x+.

    One adjustment I make is to open smaller when short and c-bet smaller when short - although this is pretty standard at all levels I think. This gives us slightly more room for maneuvering.

    On this flop (a pretty dry board) I am c-betting a large percentage of the time. Even though this flop does hit villains range there are so many cards that can allow us to turn more equity and double barrel if we chose.

    If the board did not provide us with as many favorable cards on the turn...Say something like J 3 7 no hearts, then I may just give up and conserve my small stack if villain is extremely sticky. C-betting is still so profitable, its hard to not do so on this flop.

    Here, any heart, any A, any 6 any 9 and any T all improve our equity. . Although there is a good argument that the T and perhaps 9 would favor villains range, it still gives us more equity against their entire range.

    We can also get hands such as smaller pairs to fold (a large percentage of the time) and maybe even get called by worse such as KQ, KT, QT, etc. at these levels.

    Either way I am c-betting and probably doing so on the small side. In your example, with 2600 in the pot, I would bet around 1200 or so.

    In your example, once we are re-raised on the turn it does not matter to me how much I have in the pot in relation to my stack. If I think I am beat in comparison to the price I am getting, I am folding.

    In this example one thing I would be asking myself is if villain ever makes this move with worse? And what is my price compared to my drawing hand.
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