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A6o in SB facing a LAG on BTN

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  • A6o in SB facing a LAG on BTN

    $175 Local Casino Tournament

    We are already in the money. 13 are left with no significant pay jumps looming.

    B = 4k/8k + 1k
    P = SB
    S = 73k
    H = A6o

    We are 6 handed and villain has been a solid LAG who has been using his big stack wisely.

    Villain opens to 18k.

    I think it is important to note this is the last hand at this level (30 min levels) and the very next hand we move to 5k/10k + 2k antes.

    Do you shove or fold?
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    Need more information -

    What is villain's stack? What is Villian's position? What is BB's stack? Did everyone fold to you?


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      The BB's stack and player type would be somewhat helpful, as this is actually a weirder spot than it appears at first glance. If the BB has a large stack I can see the BTN raising small by default, with the idea he can get away if you 3-bet and the BB 4-bet shoves over the top. So I wouldn't necessarily worry about our opponent having a open range and a shoving range in that spot.

      However, if the BB's stack is also relatively small, a small raise would send off warning signals. The LAG raise is basically set up so he can easily call off a ~10BB shove, because he'll have roughly 35% equity vs. one of you. In that case we have to assume we don't have that much fold equity here and then it's a question of whether a shove is profitable vs. what could be a fairly strong opening range.


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        Originally posted by phillips1021 View Post
        Need more information -

        What is villain's stack? What is Villian's position? What is BB's stack? Did everyone fold to you?
        Sorry. I am effective. Action folds to Villain on the BTN who opens off a 30bb stack (3rd biggest stack at table). BB is a competent player who has the 2nd largest stack at the table (roughly 45bb).


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          thank you for the additional information - you have a tough decision but I would shove all in here

          villains range is likely very wide

          even if he calls you you may be ahead


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            My two cents here is this- you need to pay closer attention to what's going on at the table. The information provided initially or supplementally doesn't offer any insights. The sizing of the bet is all you need to know but without context, it's impossible for me to say anything meaningful one way or the other.

            Here is what you need to watch out for...
            Is he betting in position or not?
            Is this bet sizing standard does he vary it?
            Does he base his bet sizes based on position? Villain? His cards?
            What's he showing down?
            Is he getting to show down?
            What is his play frequency?

            If I take your read at face value (big if), looking down at A6 and shoving <10bb isn't unreasonable but to say that this is 'the spot' is anyone's guess.