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Calling with suited connectors

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  • Calling with suited connectors

    I know that we need about 10x the raise in our stack to call with small pocket pairs with implied odds for drilling a set.

    How big of a stack do we need to call in position with suited connectors? 20x? So when facing a minraise, we need to have roughly 40BB or higher?

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    That is the "general guideline". Its one of a few things that I run through my head when deciding to call with a speculative hand.


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      20x is the guideline I use with suited connectors, but remember it is just a guideline. I need more if I am out of position (in SB or BB) or if it is an EP raiser and you are EP and other players behind you can raise. Maybe a little less if you have position and you think you can outplay the villain.


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        Here is my general way to play suited connectors: 20:1 implied odds for a call.

        If I am in position, the first caller and the raiser has some weaknesses I can exploit in position, I may go down to 10:1 implied. But usually, this is when I think I can steal the pot away from my opponents in the later rounds. this is sort of a 2 way play. Plan A is based on implied odds and plan B is to take shots in position when the board runs out right.

        Less than implied odds needed for the situation, I next look to see if this is a good spot to 3bet. If this is a good spot to 3bet, I will 3bet with suited connectors.