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  • Unethical or totally fine?

    Coming back from a break at the Rio Daily Deepstack. I get to the table after all the cards have been dealt and UTg has folded. I take my seat in the SB. The dealer pushes the cards to me from where he had dealt them in the middle.

    I say "Is my hand still live? In my local casino it would be dead."

    He says "yes, we were told in training not to kill a hand until action got to the hand."

    Action folds to me. I look down at KJ. I look at dealer again and say "to be clear, this hand is not dead?" He says again it is live. So I raise.

    BB folds and screams bloody murder. Says everyone knows the hand was dead. I say "yeah, I thought the hand was dead until the dealer corrected me; but he is running this table."

    Halfway through the next hand BB finally gets around to calling the floor, which says hand should have been dead but there is nothing that can be done about it.

    Should I have folded the SB, just assuming the dealer was wrong? Should I have been the one to call the floor when the BB didn't do it immediately? I certainly know what the rule was, and then what it changed to, and that it seems to be under a lot of discussion. What do you do in a case like this?

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    Dealer controls the action until the dispute rises to when a player or dealer calls a floorman. If the other players and dealer let the action continue after your raise, not your angle, you did your part by asking the dealer for the rule.


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      Agree with Bob. You did not angle. You did exactly what you are supposed to do: ask the dealer what the status of the action is. If other player disagrees with dealer, it is on him or her to call the floor.

      I would sleep well, without worry.


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        No. If the dealer gives you the cards, play them. The same as if you were playing baseball and the umpire calls you safe. You stay on the bag, you don't walk back to the dugout.


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          great analogy! Can you imagine a major league ball player saying to an umpire, "Are you sure I was safe? I might have been out. Maybe you should look at the replay."

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        Ask dealer then be fine with whatever the dealer says. Anyone who disagrees is welcome to call he floor.