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    I was recently in a tournament where, I was in the small blind & a new player to the table raised from under the gun to 3bb, a middle position player( good reg) rr to 10bb folds around to me and I have 9's, the big blind is short stacked and has been looking to get it in, I know I can't flat oop so I opted to fold. Later found I had best hand pre & would have flopped a set & won a big pot!! Did I do the right thing folding pocket 9's in the sb?!

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    Also, I was chip leader at the table and the middle position reraiser had AK w/ about half my stack size so he would have shoved over my 4 bet!!


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      I think a fold is fine there. And can't worry about how the board eventually runs out.

      I do not want to get in a huge pot with pocket 9's against that action. At best you are racing with something like AK or AJ or some other two overcards; at worse you are in trouble against a higher pair. And you will be playing OOP as you state.


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        For more definitive answers you should include the following information. Your stack size and both of your opponent's stack sizes. The blind level with antes. The middle position players image (LAG/TAG etc), your image to the middle position player. How many players left and how many get paid.

        All of these are relevant to the play of hands.

        In general, I would say 99 is ok to fold here, but with changes that I am not aware of the information above, the answer may change. What if you both you and the MP players were LAG and had a leveling war last orbit. 99 is a good raise here. What if the EP player only has 6 BBs and the MP player only has 15BBs total and was LAG? What if he was LAG and had 70 BBs and was isolating the short stack. Can you make him fold and get heads up with dead money?

        All of the information is important, not just what cards you hold.


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          my answer is simple , are you willing to gamble off your tourney life with pocket 9 with your stack size, with certain stack size i am willing to gambler it off , its true pocket 9 might be the best hand also they is a chance its not the best hand, even pocket J or pocket Q will be the same ans, its your stack size , situation that is important, if a very very tight player 5 bet jam me with 200bb stack size i will fold my pocket KK preflop, if a loose aggro tard 5 bet jam me with 300bb stack i might even consider calling off with pocket JJ. so villain range and situation , all play important part. in a tourney normally we cant buy back that is also another story , in cash game we can always top up


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            Results oriented mindset. Do you get bent when you fold 72 and the board runs out 77JK2? If that's the case randomly jam it it multiway with anything. You know what they say, the guaranteed way to win a big pot in poker is to get it all in bad and suck out. Not the way to win tourneys...

            The odds of 99 winning into mulitway action is low. Fugggedaboudit.


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              This is difficult to answer without the relevant details, but in general I would fold to a raise and a 3bet with 99.


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                Yeah I'll get better at the details!! Thanks!!