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jonathan little book on live no-limit cash games

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  • jonathan little book on live no-limit cash games

    page 18 pot odds says opponent puts 20 into a 40 dollar pot. you have to put in 20 dollars for a chance to win 60. your pot odds are 60:20 or 3 to 1. on page 19 the pot odds are computed including the opponents bet and your bet. 32/(50 + 32 +32). the example on page 18 did not include your bet. why are the pot odds being computed differently?

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    i dont have this book , i cant refer to page 18 to understand the question maybe you can post more in detail for disscussion


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      Great question. This had me confused for years and to tell you the truth I still don;t understand it fully.

      I think there are two different ways of working out pot odds.
      One way is 40 dollar pot plus 20 bet = 60 and then you divide 20 by 60 which is 0.33333

      The other way is you add your 20 call to the 60 which =80 and you divide 80 into 20 = 0.25
      So you need 25% equity which is the same as 3 to 1

      I am sure someone here can explain it a lot better.


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        that helps a lot. thank you.