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    Hello Everyone!!

    A little introduction

    I have been playing poker for the past 3 years and I realize now that I have only been playing my 2 cards for the past two years or so and have been working on other aspects of (real) poker.

    I happened to buy JL's audio book on Secrets of Tournament Poker 6 months ago and I am very glad that I have made the right decision. I have heard both volumes a handful if times and I learn something new each time i hear it.

    I am from Tennessee and I am atleast 3 hours away from a casino and hence I can not play live games that often. I am a registered member in where in I am spending a minimum of 2 hours of playing time and atleast 1 hour of study time in the neans of listening to audio or watching hand break down. I do realize that this is not enough but I have a day job and hence this is the time I can devote to learning poker at this point of time.

    Playing in has given me good exposure and I end up cashing for about 1% to 3% as their payout is only for top 1% players most of the time. My best run was finishing 3rd in a $6500 package recently when I pushed all in with pocket 99 preflop and I lost with a set to my opponents straight on the flop wherein the number of players for the event was close to 1738.

    Suggestions to improve the game:

    1. I am still trying learn how to decipher when my opponents hit a set while I have top pair top kicker or when I have 2 pairs. A lot of times I am out of position while I bet and villai just calls on a unsuspecting board. Are there any specific video or lesson to watch/read to understand this better.

    2. How to deal with variance? Hand from last night
    Me: 23BB
    Others pretty much around the same stack size except button with 75BB
    I have KdKh on the cutoff and I raise to 3.5BB when action is folded to me.
    Button and Small blind folds
    Big Blind raises to 9BB..He has been fairly lose aggressive and I push all in and the big blind snap calls with pocket 5s
    Flop - As9d6h
    Turn - 3c
    River - 5d
    and i lose.

    1. Could I have done anything differently than how i played this hand?
    2. While I understand variance makes the game interesting and I have been constantly trying to accept beats when opponents only have 5% equity, what are the other ways you guys deal this situation?

    3. I would like your suggestion on what are some credible sites for playing online poker for real money as I dont want to put it in some bad sites. While i prefer playing live games, online might give me a little more exposure as I can play more often.

    4. I have started working on developing a bank roll fir playing poker and I am willing to play at lower buyin tournaments even though I only have 4 buyins for $200 torunaments as I have a day job. Is there anything wrong in this alproach?

    Thank you for your valuable time in providing your inputs.



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    wait for my reply when i free i will write out detail


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      The short answer is you played the hand perfectly and you just got unlucky. Don't worry about it and just move on and don't share these type of hands as they are just bad beat stories.
      I spent years trying to find an answer to your query about getting the feeling that your opponent has a set. The best players in the world usually can't tell if they are up against a set up to a reasonable amount of big blinds. I get very suspicious that my two pair are no good when I am up against a competent opponent who is willing to get more than 50 or 60 blinds into the pot. It would be very bad to get stacked for 200 blinds with two pair.


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        1) Nothing wrong here- move on.
        2) Swear/throw something, then move on! OK, really I shrug my shoulders, swear on the inside, then move on.
        3) Not in the States, so can't help you.
        4) 4 tournament buy ins is nowhere near enough to act as a bankroll. Drop well below $200 buy in events if you have $800 to play with. I would suggest low stakes Sit n Gos as a place to start, but I'm not really an online specialist. I am thinking somewhere in the region of $5-$10 entry fees- so I was serious about dropping well below $200 entries.


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          Thank you fir your valuable inputs. I was specifying about playing in live torunaments and not in online. I dont play in any website as is not allowed in my state and that was the reason i was asking some suggestions about any credible site.

          i see that gives a few websites that allows US players and that are:
          1. Ignition casino
          2. Betonline poker
          3. Americas cardroom
          4. Sportsbetting poker
          5. Blackchip poker

          Have you guys heard of any of these sites?


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            Nearest casino that I like is Horse shoe in Tunica and they run a weekly $160 buyin for $10k guaranteed.

            All other places are far from my town.


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              I've heard of Americas Cardroom (remember I am not in the US, so treat my comments carefully), and they seem reputable- they have some media traction.

              Oh, and purely guesswork- but I would estimate you will make far more money working for 6 hours, than driving to and from a poker tournament.