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Is the table regular noob or i am not up to standard?

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  • Is the table regular noob or i am not up to standard?

    Game 2/2 straddle rock $5 game
    i am not hero , but i am describing the hand in hero perspective
    average opening size is $15
    hero stack size $400
    hero having AK

    pre flop action hero at button having AK

    Utg + 3 open to $15 mp 1 call mp 2 call Button hero call , Sb 3 bet to $57 all fold to utg+3 call all call. 5 way to flop
    pot $285
    flop K 5 2
    sb check Utg+3 bet $80 mp1 call mp shove 300+ behind now should hero call with AK

    hero fold sb tank very long and fold utg + 3 fold mp1 left abit and feel committed and he call mp 2 show KJ

    Now my view if i am hero i am calling or pushing in my stack with AK
    reason : the pot is $285 our effective stack is only $400
    when go in to flop our spr is less then 2 , pot $285 we left $348

    i ask a few regular in the table , and one of the regular i think he play well but he also say is a fold for him.
    the reason they give villain might have AA , KK 22 or 55
    they dont want to call in and draw dead or draw so thin.
    utg +3 bet mp1 flat mp 2 at flop they are reading the action can be very very strong .
    i am making decision base on maths and the pot inside
    they are making decision base on the muti way action .

    result prove that AK is the best hand over here . so i am here to ask all the player here to give me your feedback and opinion

    the regular over here that i discuss this hand with they are use to play very very deep stack like 500bb and more , but

    i still think base on the SPR if i bet or call with AK and i hit the A or K and the SPR is so small is a no fold to me.

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    More often than not donk leads are weak. They should always be polarized. Getting 2:1 hero has a relatively easy call on this flop texture. We block KK and if villain wakes up with 22 or 55 and played it like a complete maniac, we'll, that's poker. I expect 22 and 55 to check call on that flop texture. I would also expect villain to check raise AA or AK.

    This is a huge overplay on behalf of the villian here. This is exploitable.


    • Paul Khoo
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      Bob, so your answer is a call in this situation? i didn't expect you will agree on a call, reason why sb is the 3 better, he check the flop utg3 is the original aggressor so he bet into the flop is nothing unusual, someone call and someone shove/raise . just base on the action alone i might think my AK might be behind. if the pot is a single raise pot, or the SPR is still reasonable big i will fold my AK, villain 1 lead, villain 2 call villain 3 shove, still have villain 4 behind that is the 3 bettor aggressor , so i will fold . Bob your usual play style alot base on your read. for me at this situation the SPR is too big the pot is too big and i hit it , so if he has set i give it to you, that is my mind set.

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    I look at this situation this way. If AK calls the 3 bet, how much better of a flop does he need? There is no real danger and the limp raise 3 bet reads strong but we have a strong hand. The villains bet sizing is standard, we're getting 5:1 with a premium hand and I didn't care about playing good discipline on this table.

    The read consists of 1) this flop texture; I can't see a hand that beats us based on the action. 2) odds laid relative to flop texture; 2:1 on this board texture is enough. It does pain me to make this call but I don't see danger here. If someone called behind, then I'm worried. I'm paying off a set here.

    I know your game and it's like my 2/2/3 game, the limps don't mean anything. Hero called 57 pre. How good of a flop does he want. AKK? 752? I've said before you want to hit your undercard and have an overkicker. No flush draw. No straight draw. So only 18 combo's destroy us. I'm going for it.

    Now you don't give a read on the villain here so I make no judgments on the play. If you say he's a bad player, OK, maybe I do fold it reading the nuts. If he's a REG, his bet reads like 99-JJ/big AX. I don't fold to a reg. In a vacuum, reading the action and board texture, I can go here.

    Edit: I suppose OE could be out there but again, terrible equity for a jam. Bluff maybe? Is the likely in that game?
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      I have trouble seeing trips, or AA, jamming in that spot. My first read was that y'all are likely chopping with the same hand.


      • Paul Khoo
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        so your decision will you call or fold after putting $57 preflop and your starting stack is $400 and the pot is $285 at the flop , with 3 person show interest and there is one more 3 bettor behind

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      How come no one is replying to this topic , is it too hard a subject to replying to this ?