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    Some of the posts have revitalised my interest in squeeze plays. There is so much to think about in a tournament that the squeeze play is often not on my mind and I have been missing opportunities. But just recently I have kept it at the top of my mind. In order to execute these I decided to do a makeover of my image to that of a tight player especially in EP. By having a tight image my squeezes have more credibility. Here is one that I pulled off last night.

    UTG is a loose, confident, very aggressive young male. MP is a weak tight male mid thirty's. I am on button with JTo. UTG opens 2.5bb, MP calls, it was difficult for me to pull the trigger, but I did with a raise to 8bb. Pretty much two instant folds. UTG said he had KQ and he didn't like the hand and would always fold it to a raise.

    I have also started to be observant when others might be doing this.

    At another table was a very tight, quiet young male, very unassuming. About the only time he played was by squeezing from the SB, but nobody interpreted his action as a squeeze.. One time I raised 2.5bb in LJ with AhQs, the HJ, CO and button called and this young male in SB raised to 9bb, the BB cold called.

    I wasn't sure what to do and ended up folding as did the HJ, CO and button. The flop came Ad4s5s the SB checked, the BB checked, the turn was 8c. The SB bet 18bb, exactly 1/2 pot. The BB folded, and said he had JJ, which I believe.

    At the time I was very puzzled by all this, but now I am thinking the SB squeezed with 67s, intended to give up and got a lucky turn. I think the SB had been getting away with murder because he hardly ever played a hand and had a very mousy physical appearance.

    When you start looking for different explanations of actions it can be very enlightening.

    Maybe the SB had nothing and decided to bet the turn when BB checked back the flop. Maybe he had A6s or any number of hands. Everybody said "He must have had KK". The SB didn't pay attention to any of the talk, just quietly stacked up his chips.

    I have just watched Harrington's squeeze with 62o in the 2004 WSOP main event. He got AQ to fold.

    I am not sure if squeezes work in the first few levels. Players are so deep they may not think twice about calling a further 6 or even 10bb when they are 150bb or even 75bb deep. Also the chips I might accumulate may not be worth the risk, and I want to restrict the number of times I attempt this move.
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    One thing to think about in these situations is what you are prepared to do if someone re-squeezes you, or at what point your squeeze should be a shove, to prevent that.

    Yesterday I was in the BB with a stack of about 30BB which was probably near an average stack. UTG limped followed by four more callers. I looked down at A-9 suited in BB. I raised to 8BB.

    Action folded to button, who had me covered. SB was not in hand. BB shoved.

    I tank/folded, thinking i was making a mistake with the fold, but leaving me with 22BB. To that point he had only shown down premium hands and I could not pick up any physical tells, but I thought that he thought I was just making a move, and that he thought I would just fold to his shove.

    He showed 4-2 offsuit. The table was entertained.

    Next hand I had KK in SB and I doubled up--probably wouldn't have doubled up with the deeper stack, so it all worked out OK.