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  • What street to bet?

    Action folds to a smart very loose aggressive player midway through a Sunday daily tournament on button. He raises to 3 BB and has about 50 BB +- behind.

    I look down at AK of hearts in the BB. I have about 37 BB. He knows me. I know him.

    I raise to 10 BB, expecting that he will call with at least 50% of starting hands. He tends to play very wide pre-flop (he just won a big pot with 2-3 offsuit) and then tightens post-flop. He probably thinks I have any pair other than AA, maybe any suited A, A-10+, K-J+ and occasionally two broadways or a random suited connector. He calls.

    Flop is A-K-6 rainbow.

    Turn is 8 with two spades.

    River is 9 with three spades.

    Do you bet the flop? The turn? The river?

    If you bet this flop, do you bet all sets on the flop, as well as all misses? If you don't C-bet more than 1/2 the time, how to you factor a hand like this into your balance?

    Do you check flop and bet turn every time? Same approach with sets and misses?

    Do you wait for the river?

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    Having watched a number of JL's videos, and other videos, I am still struggling with when to c-bet, check call, check fold.

    However the one thing I have picked up is that when you have a good hand, always bet. You just have to hope your opponent has something that he can call with.

    In this hand there is 20bb in the pot pre flop and 27bb behind, so you don't have a problem with getting it all in. So I think you make a standard c-bet of 10bb, if he calls there is now 40bb in pot and only 17bb behind, so the turn is less than 1/2 pot. If he calls the flop, there is a good chance he will call the turn.


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      A) You don't give his position on the rag hand. What position did he have the rags? Did he lead them or limp them?
      B) Confirm heads up

      1)You built a 1 SPR pot. You're pot committed. I would have seriously considered just jamming pre over go to 10. I can't think of a good bet size that makes any sense given the stack sizes. I could call villains lead and see the flop as bad as that move may be.

      2) Assuming the 10bb PFR, this flop texture favors your range. Given your villain is so wide, this hits a small part of his range. I'm not a fan of small bets but 30% is probably the optimal bet. I'd forget nuanced value extraction and just end it. I'd go half or all in. That's just me.

      2a) My way flatting the raise offers more flexibility. We could check intending to check raise or commitment check/call all the way. We could donk intending to barrel 3 streets. We could check/call, lead turn, jam river.

      Odds are we're not getting much action here unless we're beat.

      I probably play 2a way with my whole equity range in the BB. I donk lead this 25% of the time regardless of holdings, I'll check call lead turn the rest of the time intending to jam half the time regardless of equity. I have a method of gauging doing this with 50% of hands but that's only a goal because I'll shut down based on a read.

      The 30% c-bet way should look polarized. You have it or you don't and if he has a marginal made hand, you're offering a good price to continue. This line is a two streets line so you can bet the turn and then check the river and let him stab or you can check the turn and jam the river and put him to the test.
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        Hi , i think there is no right or wrong in betting in which street , I think the big word i am going to use here is balancing , when you have a value hand ,bet it in a way if you have a bluff hand and you try to win. when you have a bluff hand bet it as thou you want value. i tend to bet big for bluff and value and i mix it well with small bet big bet etc , so i will always make people guessing what i have


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          Against some opponents I would consider a shove here pre - it is right on the borderline of being too much, but with a drawing hand like AK and being OOP I think it is acceptable. But given this villain plays a very wide range I would like to keep him in the hand or give him some room to 4-bet jam.

          Since I only have 37bb to start the hand I would probably size my value raise a little smaller. 8-9bb. Hoping to give him the thought he could jam with fold equity or call overly wide.

          On the flop, you have a strong value hand with 20bb behind and 27bb in the middle. So I want to figure out the best way to get my stack in.

          If my opponent is aggressive I may ch/jam. If he is a fairly unknown or passive player I will be betting around 10bb on the flop and jamming turns. I would do the same with strong Ax and hands like QJs, QTs, TJs and sets. Basically the top end of my value range and my draws.


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            I think you bet the flop. the AK is an action-killer if he missed, so if you check at best you probably get him to bet once as a bluff -- and then he's done with the hand when you call. So, the only way to get money on this hand is to bet and hope he has something, or that he floats you at least one time.

            Checking the flop, then betting the turn, smells fishy.

            if he has a weak ace or a strong king, maybe he stays on the hook on all three streets with smallish (30% pot) bets. I want three crying calls.