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  • Should I have made this deal

    A tale of two tournaments.

    I have been looking for spots to practice my live heads up. I don't play online, so I rarely get to practise.

    Less than a week ago I got down to heads up with a young aggressive kid, in a little tournament. He had at least three times my chips, neither of us raised the topic of a deal. I decided I was just going to wear him down, and we played for almost two hours, totally unprecedented in the history of this card room, and eventually I won. I felt good about this, because I didn't win by getting lucky on any particular hand, I adjusted to his game and wore him down.

    I noticed that although he was capable of bluffing three streets IP with complete air, he was prone to folding to river bluffs, probably because he did have air. On a couple of occasions I check called two streets with complete air with the intention of hammering the river, and this worked. He made the mistake of showing me one of his triple barrel bluffs. Young kids can't help showing off to old farts.

    Tonight I got to the final table of a tournament where I had the smallest stack, the biggest stack had at least ten times my chips. Instead of my usual spazzy style, I decided I was going to wear the whole table down. At no stage was a deal discussed, not even for the bubble, which is the usual tradition, probably because I was the smallest stack and they were waiting for me to bust.

    The final table lasted four hours before I eventually got to heads up, Enzo had 900K and I had 600K and blinds were 10K/20K. First was $10K and second was $4,500. It was an event with a guarantee of $10K for first hence the strange payout structure.

    Before we played even one hand Enzo proposed talking a deal. I said no, that I wanted to practise my heads up games. But he was insistent, and he is a nice guy, and I don't like being a hard arse, so eventually I agreed to him taking $8K and me taking $6,500.

    I feel I was being a bit soft in agreeing to a deal. I am not even sure if this was a good deal in terms of ICM. I really wanted to play heads up even if took another three hours, although we had already been playing for over twelve hours.

    So did I cut myself a raw deal. I think I should have said " I take $7K, otherwise we play"
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    It's a good deal, taking it's fine.

    Next time say "We both take 6k and play for the rest"


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      I did suggest something similar, I really don't think he wanted to play anyone heads up, and maybe especially not me.


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        Heads up is the easiest ICM to do. You had 40% of the chips, so you win first 40% and second 60%. Your ICM equity for this payout was: $6,700.


        • XBobLove
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          I must have made a math mistake. My calc was $1000 less. Hmmmm

          40% of 14500 is 5800. No?
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        I did a bad deal. I got worse than ICM, and I was more keen to play HU than he was.


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          I must have made a math mistake. My calc was $1000 less. Hmmmm

          40% of 14500 is 5800. No?
          The way to determine ICM is to determine the % you expect to finish in first * first place prize, then multiply the % you expect to finish second * second place prize and add the results for your total expectation:

          (40% * $10,000) + (60% * 4,500) = $6,700.