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Right or wrong decision? fairly new to poker, but want to improve.

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  • Right or wrong decision? fairly new to poker, but want to improve.

    In a tourney, blinds 400 and 800, no antes. I am in middle position nine handed with an average stack size, holding pocket tens, I raise to 4000, small blind calls as well as big blind, both have average stack sizes as well. Flop comes A A 6, small blind raises 5000, big blind quickly calls, I wasn't to afraid of small blind but when big blind called, I figured one of them surely has the ace. I folded. I was a bit worried that the bets would continue on the turn and the river. They didn't though and it checked through. Small blind showed pocket 4s, big blind showed pocket 7s, I felt like an idiot folding my pocket tens. Should I definitely of called. I felt I played very poorly. Thank you

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    You opened 5x, be careful not to give away information with your raise size. At this stage you should open 2.5bb with both 56s, TT and AA.

    Is the SB going to bet into you (and BB) with Ax, probably not. If he has a weak Ax, he will be concerned you have a strong Ax. If he has a strong Ax he will want to disguise it and hope someone else bets.

    You are correct to be concerned about the BB.

    You should call at least one bet here, you are IP against both

    Players will sometimes lead here with KQ.
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      Thank you, I kind of thought this myself that I should of at least called the flop, then seen how the betting goes. I will definitely in future keep my initial raises to a standard size.


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        As you move forward playing poker there some truisms you have to accept. The first is you can't win if you can't be bluffed. This is a way ahead way behind scenario so folding to the BB caller is fine.

        Here are thing to work on. 5x bb with 99-JJ is bad play. It makes you exploitable because it looks exactly what it is. Some player do the same with smaller pairs and there is no difference or arguably worse. New players use big bets to compensate for lack of advanced reading skills. All they are doing here is giving of a betting tell. 1) My skills are lacking and 2) exploit me on A and K high flops with your whole range. On good days, I'll call these bets and barrel with anything, just like they did but they had equity.

        You have to learn now that MOST people who donk bet don't do it properly. So however you categorize you opponents, as part of their tendencies, figure out WHY they are donning then learn the correct time and place to check raise them. If you see people donking as a feeler bet. Reraise them with your whole range. If you see people donking all flopped aces, check call them with the stronger part of your range, pair/draws and combo draws. Etc. Almost every time these players are donking weak, so calling looks strong. This is why folding to the BB makes your fold OK. Weak players will give up on the turn or check raise with the nuts, better players may check raise regardless.

        I'd bet that the BB knew that the SB was exploiting you, since you didn't know where you were at and playing your cards. There are some great books and videos on Youtube on learning to range play and hand reading. I recommend you focus skill building on this discipline.
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          Thank you for your response. I've been trying to read as much as possible and love reading the forum to see different situations and how players address them. Keep them coming.


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            Jonathan's books on low stakes are great