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  • Tahoe

    Does anybody know how to play Tahoe?

    I am scheduled to play a live game that is billed as Pineapple (not Crazy Pineapple), tomorrow night. The little bit of information I have makes me think it is Tahoe.

    In Tahoe, you get three hole cards, the game is then played the same as Holdem, and 0, 1 or 2 hole cards are used at showdown.

    I have never played Tahoe, but then I had never played Omaha until I stumbled on a $5-$5 game that went for 16 hours a day seven days a week. Like most good games it finally collapsed, because the bad players get cleaned out, and the good players move on to find another easy spot. Omaha is supposed to have huge variance, but this game was so insane that I played every day for six months and never had a losing session.

    So I know how to play Omaha, where we have four hole cards and exactly two have to be used at showdown.

    In Omaha, four hole cards gives us six Holdem hands. Three cards gives us three Holdem hands.

    Although I know nothing about the game, I want to support it, you never know when a game will build into a regular juicy spot.

    Anybody got any tips?
    I have done some homework and the game is as described above. It is NLHM with three cards.

    In full ring Omaha the hand I most want is a suited Ace with a couple of good off suit cards. e.g. As2sJdTh, obviously As9sJhTh is better, but you can't hang around waiting for this, and I think the same applies to Tahoe. Even As5s7c8h is good. As6s2h2d is good because when I flop bottom set I nearly always have at least a backdoor flush draw and I am blocking opponents draw to a boat. If I make quads on the turn or river, and my opponent has the nut full house, it is very difficult for him to put me on 22. So I think As2sB where B is an off suit broadway is what I should be looking for in Tahoe and As6s7h, As2s2h.

    In Omaha the chance of getting 5h6s7h8s is not much different from zero, and anyway I don't like these hands in full ring deep stack. I would rather have KsJhTc8d even though it is unsuited, as suited below an Ace is more a trap than a help. Being suited to the King is some advantage because sometimes the Ace of the suit will drop.

    Big pairs are more valuable in Tahoe than in Omaha because big pairs are half as likely, so KK is good because their is only a 10% chance someone has AA whereas in Omaha it is 20%, but we are still mainly looking to make top set with our pairs, although maybe an unimproved over pair has some value on the flop. I think 6s7h8s is good in Tahoe because although I am still never drawing to a non-nut flush the suited cards provide some backup for when I am drawing to a straight and I think I am more likely to get 678 or at least 578, 679 etc than 5678 in Omaha. Being suited to a King is probably more valuable than in Omaha.

    That's about the extent of my thinking so far.
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