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    The "Call or Fold?" post got me thinking how even recreational poker has changed. There was a time when we could c-bet, represent top pair, and get away with it. Not any longer, even casual players know we have a range of hands.

    In some of the smaller tournaments there will be two or three middle aged or older females at my table, Helen is one of these, she plays purely for the fun of it, she doesn't concern herself a lot about winning a tournament.

    The first time I played against Helen she open limped on the button, the SB completed and I checked with AsTh. The flop is AcQh3d, I lead out for 2bb, Helen instantly raised to 8bb. I thought what could she have A3, Q3s, 33, surely not AJ or AQ. I said "I have no idea what you have got, but I fold". Helen gleefully turned over 8s6s for a stone cold bluff. Of course I had not been thinking clearly, me seeing a free flop, Helen thought I might have Q7o and that my hand couldn't take a lot of pressure.

    Bill is a tough opponent. Whenever I am in a hand with him, he takes his time, looks at me and chats away jovially, I always feel as if he is reading my soul. But he is no match for the ladies.

    Mary is a friend of Helen. Bill raises UTG with ATs, SB calls, Mary in BB calls. Flop is A83. Mary instantly leads out a pot sized bet. Bill flashes his hand and mucks.

    I started to visualise these females comparing notes "The men are pushovers, just bet or raise, and the silly pussies just fold, they never think sweet old ladies bluff"

    The females put on a good act, and effortlessly read people and situations, it is in their DNA. It is very difficult to work out whether or not their behaviour is genuine.

    Helen limps in LJ, HJ limps, I raise in CO with QTo. Flop comes As6d7h. I have been trying to curb my chronic c-betting habit, so I hesitated before c-betting. Helen dithered endlessly, she alternated between pushing her cards away, bringing them back, reaching for chips, putting the chips back, saying "No", then saying "Yes, I will", and called. The HJ folds. The turn is 7c. I have no idea what to do next, so the hand is checked to showdown and Helen wins with KcTc - King high. She knew I could have anything so called the flop with King high on an Ace high board. I was unnerved by her act, which in this case was genuine, so I didn't follow through on the turn.

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    Yeah, the days of blindly c-betting 100% are over. At least for now. For a few years, that was like printing money, but nowadays everyone knows to c-bet even when they miss, so of course they know they can't just fold to a c-bet either.