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  • Play the Situation, Not Your Two Cards

    So, as the title implies, I think I missed a prime opportunity to get mildly creative with my play and pick up some chips on a night that was going slow for me.

    The Situation:

    $1-2 Live Cash 8-9 handed

    To describe the situation I have to describe two players at the table who were playing back and forth at each other. One player, who I'll name "OOP' since that was where he liked to play, was very Loose Aggressive compared to the rest of the table. OOP liked to get involved in early position in multiway pots and then donk close to pot on the flop, keep betting vs straight forward passive players on the turn but sometimes check to tight players or big stacks on the turn and sometimes continue with insane bluffs with equity. He does this with a seeming inability to read flop texture, getting called on AsQsx boards and having to shut down or losing too much when he gets check raised on super wet boards. He'd gone on tilt earlier and shoved over a reraise with a flush draw, losing to 2p then hitting the ATM and buying back in. Since buying back he's up to about $400.

    To his left "LP" who's been really lucky. Sat down with $100 and got all in early with a weak flush draw in a 3 way pot and tripled up. Then doubled up after that with the 2p that beat OOP's flush draw. He tends to play a standard loose passive game pre flop calling with hands as weak as J4s post but mixes his game post, reraising with TPWK or 2p, bluffing with equity, or passively calling down with middle pair. He's definitely not afraid of getting involved in big pots. I wouldn't say he's good, but you kinda have to respect his $700 stack.

    The dynamic between these two players gets interesting, since OOP bets from early position and is encouraged to do so by the amount of folds he gets often enough. But with LP to his left, sometimes rr and sometimes calling down OOP hasn't learned the donk bets isn't a winning strategy in the long run.

    As for Hero, I've been pretty card dead and the table is really really loose, which winds up being a terrible combination. I'm not getting the right cards in the right position so I'm playing a very TAG game and haven't had even a TPGK type hand to value bet to the river. Two big hands I got value from (JJ all in vs a short stack pre and a miracle straight from the BB) have kept me afloat though and I'm sitting at $350 after buying in for $300.

    The Hand:

    It doesn't strictly matter except for the fact that I have blockers to worrisome hands and two overs. But I have AQo on the button, and this is pretty much the best positioned hand I've hand all night. The entire table limps to me and I make it $17. This is the biggest raise I've made in the night. I'm not necessarily trying to get folds to be honest. Raises to $12-15 have been going multiway all night. I get 6 callers. OOP is UTG+1 and LP is in the LJ.

    Flop ($104)

    974 rainbow

    UTG checks, OOP bets $45, LP calls, folds to me on the button. There's almost $200 in the pot and I have ~$340 and look tight. OOP doesn't look strong, LP doesn't look strong, I feel like this would be a good spot to shove and and make it look like a big over pair. I've got 2 overs if LP decides to make one of his loose calls but otherwise I might be able to scoop a huge pot. Should I have been considering this in this situation? (For what its worth, I did NOT shove, so this is not an "I donked off here and I'm looking for confirmation to soothe my ego" situation).

    Also, I've been struggling with what my strategy should be at tables like this where the pots are big and multiway leaving little maneuverability postflop. I find I'm either forced to play fit or fold, unable to C-bet easily or I'm piling in money thinking KQ is good vs the passive fish on a K high board to wind up losing to a random 2p.

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    These guys did not sit down with the intention of folding much. They came to gamble and play. The flop has a lot of sets, two pairs, one pairs and straight draws and hits their preferred range squarely "I don't want AA, just give me 86s, at least I have something to work with". "$340? Heck, I put that much on red at roulette".

    You should be playing fit or fold. The $1-$2 game is not the place to make plays, apart from a few incredibly predictable players, who are at home drinking cocoa right now.


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      I agree with this assessment.

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    You have 175BB. Blinds aren't going up. AQo on that board in a multi-way pot is not a place to make moves.

    It is frustrating as heck, but I've learned playing low-stakes cash that you can profit long-term simply by playing solid fundamental poker.