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Channeling Ed Miller? Or just wild?

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  • Channeling Ed Miller? Or just wild?

    2/5 game, opponent is middle aged, looks and acts like a decent reg. This is a game with a $300 buyin cap, some have spun their stacks to the 400-600 range but most are <100BB.

    Image: I was moved to this table one hour prior with about $300, picked up QQ, 3bet over a standard open, got 4bet by a young LAG, tried to 5bet all in only to be told that there is a limit of 3 raises to a hand; I could only call. I called, flopped low cards, shoved, LAG tank folds (likely AK). That hand got me attention. Generally, I am fairly new to the cardroom, recognize a few of the regs but don't have a fixed persona yet. I am a 50-ish white guy so maybe look like a standard rec player. I have been VPIP <20% since that hand so assume a fairly tight image (if anyone is following).

    H 98hh P CO S 340 B 2/5. Table is 9 handed.

    LJ (assumed tight passive), opens $15.
    Hero $40.

    (I want to 3bet here to discourage a button and blinds overcalls. My plan is to bet most flops and take it down.)

    BB (V) calls, LJ calls ($122 minus rake)

    Flop AK5 no FDs.

    BB K, LJ K, I $60, BB calls, LJ folds. ($242 minus rake)

    (I continue with my plan. AK is good for my assumed range. V flat called pre-, capping his range. I size my bet to get stacks in on the turn or river)

    Turn 6

    BB K, I shove $240, BB tank folds and flashes an Ace.

    (While his flop call indicates strength, his turn check is what I need. However, I don't think he will fold to much less than a pot sized bet. I have also turned some equity in case he does call.)

    So - opinions please. I don't run this type of bluff too often, but maybe should add more of this into my play? Or am I just being too spewy.
    I fear that playing in the 60-70 BB range, it'll be hard to leverage stacks this way and get away with it often enough.

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    What does "BB K" mean, presumably check.

    You got away with it. But you are representing a very narrow range AK, 55 and 55 is stretching it a bit given your 3-bet, although if you are 3-betting 98s you are also 3-betting 55. The BB cold called your 3-bet, although it was on the small size and he was calling $35.

    If I was Villain with AQ, I would be happy to see AK5 on flop, because I am already losing to AK, and the K makes AK less likely and I am thinking you don't have 55 often. Because he has an Ace there only 9 combinations of AK, 55 and I don't think you are betting the flop with 66 against two opponents, because you are getting called by any Ace or any King.

    The BB probably has a good Ace, although he could have A4s etc. Maybe had a backdoor flush draw on flop. He cold called the 3-bet OOP so probably has a decent Ace. I think he would have called your turn shove with AQ. If you did have AK, AQ, 55, 66 you are not shoving the turn, because you want a weaker Ace to call. I think if BB was thinking clearly he might have worked it out.

    Their checks mean nothing, you are driving the action, so they are checking even monsters to you.

    You will continue to get credit for a big hand until they catch on, and it may be a while before they do.

    Well done for running a double barrel with air.

    I think your stack size helped, because you were able to get it in on the turn with a gut shot. It might have been more difficult if you were deeper.
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      Yes, 'K' is check, I'll be more explicit in future posts.

      Although I didn't clearly articulate this to myself in play, the A on board - even when he cold called preflop - lowers the chance of V holding an Ace. So I think my flop cbet is fine.

      Once he calls flop, maybe I should give up turn, because my turn shoving range is super polarized. Or maybe, because the board is weighted towards my uncapped preflop/flop betting range, and my bluff needs to succeed 50% of the time (minus the odds of drawing out when called), it's ok...

      By the way, when I do shove, I'm also maybe representing AA (1 combo if he has an Ace, 3 otherwise) and KK (3 more combos). But if I did have one of those holdings, it would make some sense to play the flop and turn a bit slower, while still building a pot. Ugh, my play is so unbalanced.


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        And although 3betting with 55 may be sweet, I'd never do it. 98 suited is just so much better as a bluff raising hand.


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          If your going to incorporate this move into your game you should also add starting your Hibachi with C-notes. You''ll get some good use out of the money as well as a good meal. This is only a move a WWII Kamakazi pilot would love.

          It's extremely tough to get better and worse players to fold an Ace. I don't advise it.

          PS Conceptually I like the line but...
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