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bankroll size for live recreational player

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  • bankroll size for live recreational player

    I'm returning to playing poker after some time off. I'd describe myself as a "serious" recreational player.

    In the past I didn't really have a bankroll. Now I want to take a more disciplined approach - even though poker will never be my livelihood, I feel like a bankroll will keep me honest with myself and help me focus.

    My goal is to have enough confidence that I've really mastered a game before I move up. If I go broke, it's not actually a big deal financially.

    So how much should I start with, and when can I move up? I know the 30 buy-in guideline, but that's not realistic for live recreational poker.

    The smallest game at my local casino is $1/$1/$2, meaning a $200 buy-in. I'm not going to start with $6k and grind up to $15k before I can play $3/$5. If I manage to beat $1/$1/$2 for 5 bb/hour and play 5 hours per week, I'd have to grind until 2021.

    Since going broke isn't a disaster, how should I approach this?


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    Play the $1-$2 until you have one buy in for $3 - $5. If you lose it go back to $1-$2. Keep repeating.


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      Hi MashieSF

      $5000 for $1/$2 is a realistic bankroll , i am a winning player i have down swing of more then 2k before and i play tight , if you want to take shot and try a faster way , , try to grind your game from $1/$2 5k bankroll to at least 6-7 k , then so you will cushion to play in your $3-5 game. always go back to grind you $1/2 game when you are in down swing , if your bankroll is less then 5k dont think of playing higher game, make sure your mental state can handle the variance and play your A game


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        Thanks! I think the approach of grinding 2-4 buy-ins at the higher game makes a lot of sense. I'll start with $5k and grind it to say $6,500 before playing 3-5.


        • Paul Khoo
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          Good luck hope both of us will have a good upswing and never turn back